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Commercial Products


Commercial Projects in the Toledo area range from simple strip malls to large commercial buildings and office spaces. Schneider Electric and All Phase Toledo are uniquely positioned to be the number one choice for electrical contractors for these types of projects.

QED-2 Style Switchboards

Square D brand QED Switchboards from Schneider Electric set the standard for switchboard reliability. Their durable construction and flexible design make them a favorite switchboard among consulting engineers, builders, facility managers and electrical personnel. Locally we can provide quotes up to 4000amps.

IPC2 – Integrated Power Centers

The prewired and factory assembled Integrated Equipment from Square D by Schneider Electric will save up to 90% labor time by combining panels and electrical transformers into one unit with a smaller footprint. When space is limited, Integrated Power Centers can be the perfect solution.

I-Line Busway

Square D® I-Line™ electrical busway offers a complete line of compatible, sandwich-type feeder and plug-in busway lengths and fittings, making it a contractor favorite to install. Contact us to learn more.

ASCO Manual Transfer Switches

The ASCO SERIES 300 product line provides the most compact design of generator power transfer switches in the industry. Available to mount on walls or floors, all models through 2000 amperes are designed to be completely front-accessible.

Why wait on the factory when you can get it now?!

NQ 240Vac Panelboards

The NQ-240Vac panelboard is regarded as the industry’s best built panelboard. We stock a variety of interiors, boxes, trims, and covers so you can pick up what you need right from local stock. Watch this short video to learn more about our RTI (Ready-to-Install) program and all the field-installable options available from stock.

NF 277/480Vac Panelboards

Square D’s line of NF panelboards are the premier lighting panelboards of choice for professional electrical contractors. They are available in a variety of ampere ratings including MLO and MB styles. Similar to the NQ style, a variety of field-installable kits and accessories are available.

I-Line 600Vac Panelboards

I-Line circuit breakers and panelboards have been around since 1963. Its’ unique design makes it the #1 choice for electrical contractors, estimators, and end-users. Contact us today to learn more about what options are available to you.

Speed-D Boards, Multifamily Metering, Transformers, Safety Switches, and NEMA Controls

Speed-D Boards: 400A/600A/800A

The Square D Speed-D Board is the perfect fit for many small to medium sized projects. Available in 400A/600A/800A styles and can come with branch distribution. These Switchboards can typically be delivered faster than the larger QED-S Style.

EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers

EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers are regarded as the #1 choice when it comes to multifamily projects due to its’ ease of installation over the competition. We stock mains up to 800amps and can provide quotations up to 1600amps.

Safety Switches – General & Heavy Duty

We maintain a large inventory of both General Duty (240V) and Heavy Duty (480V) safety switches ranging from 30amps-400amps in stock.

NEMA Starters & Lighting Contactors

Most projects require some basic NEMA control products. All Phase Toledo can provide anything from 8536 Type S Starters to the popular LO/LX Lighting Contactors. Both series come with a ton of field-installable accessories.

General Purpose Transformers

We stock a variety of the EXN-Tranformers from Square D, ranging from 15kva to 150kva. Larger or speciality transformers are available upon request.

Other related Project Solutions

ArcBlok Line Isolation

The ArcBlok™ arc isolation unit is a game changer in equipment protection and safety-related work practices. This extremely innovative product is always on to help contain and extinguish arc flash energy on incoming conductors.

Modernization & Services

Discover cost-effective modernization and upgraded solutions with the help of our local Schneider Electric Services team. Upgrading your aging switchgear is easier than you think!

Contact All Phase Toledo today for more information!

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