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CED Power Services Midwest

All Phase Toledo is excited to announce the launch of CED Power Services Midwest!

Our new division will be anchored by our power switchgear line, Square D, with the much anticipated release of FlexSeT Switchboards from stock!

Available spring 2024!

Meet the NEW Generation of Low-Voltage Switchboards

FlexSeT: Flexible Switchboard With Future Ready Digitization

Say hello to unrivaled flexibility and reliability with FlexSeT – the latest connected low-voltage switchboard from Square D.

  • Shorten Lead Times
  • Available from STOCK!
  • Flexible Design
  • Reliability
  • Access documentation and instructions via QR codes
  • Eliminate the need for manual processes that can be slow and inefficient

See FlexSeT from the inside – out!

FlexSeT Features Include:

-Cover with Captive Screws
-QR Code for Digital Twin
-Hook & Fix Pre-assembly

-Through Bus Section for Splicing
-Swingable Main for Easy Access
-Bottom-Fed or Top-Fed Main

-4 Bar I-Line Stack & PON
-Visual Torque Indication
-Instrument Compartment

Easily Assemble and Install With Confidence

  • 4 bar I-Line™ Distribution Stack: Allows for the use of PoN (Plug-on Neutral). PoN delivers a clean installation and easy modification by simplifying wiring for load side neutral connections. One Single PoN can be used for multiple load connections. Simply I-Line™ it.
  • Visual Torque Indication: Visi-Tite™ bolts ensures proper torque validation and improve reliability. Red flag break indicating correct torque value.

Download our Switchboard E-Guide
Contact us today to learn more about FlexSet

Learn more about FlexSeT Product Specifications

  • Fixed main breaker up to 2000A back-fed 1600A main in I-Line section
  • Silver-plated copper busbar material on all phases and ground
  • System voltage up to:
    • 600Y/347V 3Ph 4W 60 Hz
    • 480Y/277 3Ph 4W 60 Hz
    • 208Y/120V 3Ph 4W 60Hz
  • Maximum fault current rating 65kAIC
  • Instrument compartment mounted devices: Maintenance mode switch – 240kA surge protection, Power Meter PM5563
  • Group mounted smart cell devices: 240kA/phase surge protection, Power Meter PM5563
  • Plug-on Neutral in I-Line distribution for improved wiring of neutral load connections, 100% rated neutral
  • Left incoming feed only: The main section will be located to the left of feeder sections when viewed from the front of the switchboard lineup
  • NEMA-1 ventilation pattern
  • Seismic qualification: IBC 2012-2015 (ACE 7-10)
  • eCertifications: UL, CSA, NOM, IEC, CCC, and CE marked for global acceptance

Download Instructional Bulletin

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